In 2015, Liftboss started on a journey that has made us stronger than we ever had been, not only as an equipment dealer, but more importantly as a group of people.  The management group has now met for over 3 years, on a very rigid weekly and quarterly, scheduled basis, calling accountability to each other, and cascading tasks (rocks) and messages down to levels of employees that each manager is accountable to.  This proven process has provided a structure that has helped successfully bring JCB Construction our new full service construction line, in one of the worst economies Alberta and Western Canada has seen.  

With the help of Kevin Armstrong using Gino Wickman’s Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS) these are the values and vision that Liftboss lives by:

The Liftboss Way

Core Values

Core Focus

Our Story

In 2006 when John, Andre, Dale, and Marc opened the doors, Liftboss was a true entrepreneurial run company – the four of them did everything.  As the company grew in size and scope, they naturally grew a group of management-ready people, that could, and wanted, to help with many of those tasks and demands.  This new group was established,  and meetings were scheduled, but staying consistent and on track was always difficult….why have a meeting when everyone has more important tasks to do….right?

Purpose. Cause. Passion.